A Billion Users Are On The Way To Bitcoin Space Vows Most Wanted Man On The Internet

Most of the people involved in the cryptocurrency industry are not happy with the current financial system. The latest to join this growing community is Kim Dotcom. The man who is known as the most wanted man on the internet who has brought over a billion users to his numerous websites has joined the revolution.

Kim Dotcom has made it clear that he thinks the current financial system is outdated. And should be sent to oblivion. He has further vowed that he will bring a billion users to the Bitcoin space.

A Billion People In The Bitcoin Space?

In an interview with Tone Vays, Kim has said that he wants to be a gamechanger in the space. He noted:

“I want to come in as a bit of a game-changer because I know already that what I’m creating now is going to be used by hundreds of millions of people,”

His confidence on the mission to bring a billion users to Bitcoin seemed unwavering as he continued to add that he has done it before and he can do it again. Previously, the entrepreneur has advised many including U.S stock market investors to buy cryptocurrencies. He now says that he will use all his accumulated knowledge to bring new users to Bitcoin.

“I’ve no doubt about it, I’ve done it before. I felt super large sides you know about a billion people in the world have touched my numerous different websites.”

Kim Dotcom’s KIM Project

Currently, Kim Dotcom is working on his own project, KIM. This is a platform that will allow content creators to monetize their content without relying on a third party.

Further spreading his message and his latest interview on Twitter, Dotcom wrote:

The numerous sites I created had over a billion users. I know what it takes to bring a billion users to crypto and I’ll have a role in making that happen. The time has come to bring crypto to the masses. The corrupt and outdated financial system has to go.

If the entrepreneur can bring his target of a billion users to the Bitcoin space, this would mean more demand and drive BTC prices up.

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