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Last Two Times This Happened Bitcoin Crashed 75%

Is Bitcoin in trouble? This indicators have flashed and they historically spell doom.

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XRP Is Hugely Undervalued and Whales are Taking Advantage

Is XRP undervalued? And what have whales been upto that could be setting the coin for a dream bull run?

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Barcelona FC Fans Lavish As New Coin Rallies 150%

Barcelona FC tokens are finally being traded. On the first day, they are up by 160%

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Investor Jitters Pushing Bitcoin To $8.8K Support, Why Sell By Friday?

Bitcoin is set to dip below $9K, what has triggered the latest investor sell-off?

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PlusToken Scammers Move $187M Worth ETH, Readying To Dump?

In the last hour, PlusToken wallets have moved Ethereum worth nearly $200 million ETH to unknown wallets. This has hit…

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Compound Token Lights The Weekend With Over 70% Gains, Why?

Compound has pulled out an outstanding performance since its launch. Why are investors backing it?

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This Reports Answers, Is Tron Legit Or A Scam?

Tron is a top 20 ranked coin but despite this has been regarded by some as a scam, but is it?

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If A Third of Gold Safe-haven Business Reaches Bitcoin- $180,000 Price

What happens when mass adoption leads gold investors towards Bitcoin?

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China Report: Tron Ranked Higher Than Bitcoin and Ethereum

China has once again voted Tron as a better project than Bitcoin and Ethereum. I fact according to the ranking…

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Fed Calms Global Markets Rattled by Second Wave COVID-19 Outbreak

Global markets were shaken on Monday as investors grew concerned about the possibility of a COVID-19 second-wave outbreak. Over the…

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