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A Post Bank Era Will Only Stand Strong When Bitcoin and Ethereum Fanatics Unite

Bitcoin was a revolution that changed the world’s view of money. For starters, it was the first form of money…

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Adoption: Reddit Cryptocurrency Launch And Why Its A Big Win For Ethereum

After months of being rumored to be working on an in-house token, the secret is finally out. Reddit has finally…

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Bitcoin Under $9K: Crypto Community Shock Captioned By $1B Liquidation

Crypto investors have once again learned a hard lesson. The market is unpredictable. Well, that and that is is extremely…

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This Whale and Another 1.5M investor Threaten BTC Short-term Outlook

Bitcoin investors are optimistic about the coming weeks especially with the halving now just two weeks away. However, prior to…

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Why Investors Should Expect A Bitcoin Sell-Off If Kim Jong-un Is Dead

For the past week, there have been numerous reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is dead. The rumors stem…

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A View of The Cryptocurrency Market In March

The crypto sector has seen one of, if not its busiest month in history. Cryptocurrencies which began nearly a decade…

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