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Bitcoin Volatility Hits 8 Month Low, Storm’s Coming

Bitcoin volatility is at a new low. What does this indicate to investors?

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Bitcoin Hashrate Has Tanked 40% Since Halving; Bullish Or Bearish?

The much-awaited Bitcoin halving has come and gone. The third Bitcoin halving was a success. Its implication has been a…

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Bitcoin Trading As High As $15K In Lebanon; 2020 The New 2017?

Demand for Bitcoin in Lebanon is at an all-time high. With limited supply, this is fetching double average prices on…

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Deposits Of $1,200 Confirm U.S Citizens Using Stimulus To Buy Crypto

Coinbase CEO has just confirmed that there has been a spike in deposits of USD worth $1,200. This suspiciously is…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Fails To Rally To FED’s $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

The White House and Senate have in the last couple of hours agreed on a $2 trillion cash bailout to…

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Bitcoin Halving Is Not Priced In: Pompliano

As the market attempts to recover from a bad weekend, one top analyst has commented about Bitcoin’s price in regards…

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Bitcoin Price Crash; Did This $40M BTC Auction Trigger It?

Bitcoin price is crashing and there is only one possible reason for it.

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Jaguar’s Plan To Reward Drivers With Crypto

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is seeking to reward its car owners with cryptocurrency. The manufacturer plans to reward drivers whenever…

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NEM Partners With Major Firm To Offer 40% Off To Users In Over 2 Million Hotels Across The Globe

NEM token holers have not ha much to celebrate in the last couple of months. Now however there is great…

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The UK Seeks Software To Track Major Cryptocurrencies’ Transactions And Offers £100K Reward

The UK through its non-ministerial department HMRC has opened a contract seeking software that identifies cryptocurrency transactions. In particular, the…

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