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Argentina Nearly Doubles Bitcoin Trading Record in Just A Weeks

Argentina, a once very promising country economically seems to be heading in the long direction. Recently, a very crucial move…

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More Active BTC wallets: Analysts Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit Over 10k Mark

Five days later and no notable change yet. At the beginning of the month, popular analyst Timothy Peterson predicted that…

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Tether 144% Growth Makes It The Highest in Capitalization This Year

Almost three months ago, Tether managed to do the unexpected, or at the list in such a small time range….

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Trading Legend Jim Rogers Thinks Bitcoin Will Go To Zero Because Of Guns

Will Bitcoin ever fall to zero? This legendary trader this so.

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Trump Tried in 2018 but Not Even The President Could Stop Bitcoin

Governments all over the world have tried to ‘kill’ Bitcoin. But as many have realized, this is quite not possible….

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CIA Most Likely to be Satoshi Nakamoto; Why Craig Wright Does not Make a Case

This question, who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is, has been asked for the last century. However, nobody has been able…

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$400M Coinmarketcap Aquisition – Binance on a brink of monopoly

After the CEO finance announced two major acquisitions in the near future earlier this month, one is finally happening. At…

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Bitcoin Drop or Rise? Reason for the Bombshell Opinions from BTC community

The opinion may defer from reality but that does not make it indefinite. bitcoin has been very unpredictable in recent…

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Hackers Make More than Casinos; $9.8B Digital Assets Stolen- KPMG

The level of insecurity for in the digital currency is alarmingly high and worsening every time. According to a report…

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Irish Drug Dealer Dilemma: $93 Bitcoin Worth lost with Trash

The decentralized aspect of bitcoin has caused an Irish drug dealer over 6000 bitcoins, an equivalent of over NZ$90m (US$59)…

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