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Bitcoin has Outperformed Best Traditional Assets Since 2011 by 10,000X

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It has been a long-coming for Bitcoin in the last 10 years. Most may see it as just another achievement for the coin but anyone who invested in it in the past decade is smiling right now. Since a decade ago, Bitcoin has outperformed the previously known assets by great margins.

Currently, bitcoin price is averaging at $10,000 mark for some time now. At the start of 2011, Bitcoin had just hit $1 which at the time seemed unrealistic. Furthermore, ten years down the line the price has been on an upward trajectory, with a few bumps along the way.

Sure, the market has changed but even the most profitable investment has not been this good. At some point in the same year, 2011, the coin had skyrocketed by over 30 times. At the same time, if one had decided to invest as little as $1000, right now they would be counting themselves among the millionaires.

How Bitcoin Has Outperformed Other Assets

Nevertheless, taking the same principle and investing the same amount of money on different platforms, you would have barely tripled your investment, in some cases making losses. Below is a chart of how the investment would have worked out for four more leading investments:

  2011 (that was worth) 2020 (is now worth)
Bitcoin (BTC) $1,000 $31,210,000
NASDAQ $1,000 $3511
S$P 500 $1,000 $2600
Real Estate $1,000 $2440
Gold $1,000 $270

Heard of new a bitcoin millionaires in town? This could be how they got there so fast.

Gold which was and still is considered sufficiently trusted way of storing wealth has declined in value. Bitcoin has outperformed by a thousand times the rest of the investment. And, if the calculation were to be done when the coin had hit its all-time best several years ago, the figures would be doubling up.

The great question is, is it going to be the same story ten years to come? And especially considering how much digital-currencies have been embraced? Also if Bitcoin has outperformed investments that have been there for centuries, what more can it do?

while this may be true, tell us your thought in the comments below.


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