Cardano Adds 20% Inspires ETH and XRP Climb 10%, But Which Will Moon?

This weekend has seen altcoins pump hard. In fact, it has been months since altcoins were this lively. Point and case, XRP has rallied by as much as 10%. In previous months, only a few coins have shown any bullish potential and XRP has most certainly not been one of them. Cardano seems to have figured it out.

XRP has been for the last couple of weeks stuck under the $0.20 resistance. With a diminishing dominance, the altcoin has been looking like its 2.5-year bear cycle would extend to the end of the year.

For long term holders and especially whales, their intention has been to buy as much as possible. Recent databases showed that whales had been accumulating under $0.20 owing to the fact that it was immensely undervalued.

The last 24 hours have seen XRP add 10% and climb above $0.22. The bulls are on track to test the $0.25 higher resistance before a potential pullback or confirmation of a bull market. In its positive catalysts arsenal, there is not much, but bulls are optimistic it will keep rallying to catch up with its crypto peers that have more than doubled since the start of the year.


Cardano’s ADA is one of those peers that XRP is hoping to catch up with. The asset has more than doubled in the last few months and is looking unstoppable after just breaking a higher resistance. In the last 24 hours, ADA has added around 20% to its value taking its price above $0.15. Its performance is owed to the successful launch of Shelley Mainnet.

This launch has been awaited for years and now that its finally here, the bulls are finally making the final FOMO push.

Ethereum is also another that has doubled in value since the start of the year. In fact, the bull’s target will see the asset now make it a 3x gain. In the last 24 hours, like XRP, it has added 10%. This has seen it brush its higher resistance of $280.

Ethereum’s performance is owed to the upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0. This launch is set to take Ethereum back on top and as the king of Dapps. In recent years, its issues with scalability and fees have resulted in third-generation networks such as EOS and TRON. With the update, it can hit its stride once again.

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Author: Christine Ann

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