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Binance Coin Up By 15% On DeFi, But What Does It Aim To Achieve With DeFi and CeFi Bridging?

Binance Coin (BNB) is up by 15% in the last 24 hours because of DeFi. This is a major stride…

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Argentina Nearly Doubles Bitcoin Trading Record in Just A Weeks

Argentina, a once very promising country economically seems to be heading in the long direction. Recently, a very crucial move…

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About 99% of Crypto Projects are Garbage and Run by Unqualified Idiots

There are thousands of crypto projects in the world. Listed on CoinMarket cap only are 5,000 of them. It is…

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China Report: Tron Ranked Higher Than Bitcoin and Ethereum

China has once again voted Tron as a better project than Bitcoin and Ethereum. I fact according to the ranking…

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ISIS Holding $300 Million In Bitcoin Controversy; Here Are The Details

Early this week, there was a report that ISIS is holding around $300 million in Bitcoin. This is the kind…

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Bitcoin Hashrate Has Tanked 40% Since Halving; Bullish Or Bearish?

The much-awaited Bitcoin halving has come and gone. The third Bitcoin halving was a success. Its implication has been a…

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Bitcoin has Outperformed Best Traditional Assets Since 2011 by 10,000X

It has been a long-coming for Bitcoin in the last 10 years. Most may see it as just another achievement…

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Back to Basics: Blockchain Technology 101

It’s easy to overlook the basics as you concern yourself with which crypto is shooting up the price charts. However,…

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