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EU’s battle With the US; Fate For the American Card Firms and Libra

Recently the EUs top countries such as France, Germany, and England have been opposing the previously announced ‘Libra project’. This,…

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Ethereum Developer Connected with North Korea Released

An Ethereum developer who was arrested recently has been released by U.S authorities. Virgil Griffith was arrested for his participation…

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Africa-Focused Paxful Challenges LocalBitcoins for the P2P Throne

Paxful is challenging the king of peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platforms LocalBitcoins for the throne. Paxful has continued to baffle with…

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Twitter CEO’s Bitcoin Journey: Jack to Live in Africa for Six Months

Twitter CEO plans on spending 3-6 months in Africa in 2020. Jack Dorsey took to Twitter to make the announcement…

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Banks Allowed To Hold And Sell Cryptocurrencies: New EU Directive

the EU has been the latest block to boost cryptocurrency adoption

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Banning Bitcoin in Russia Will Be Very Difficult: Top Official

Russia may ban cryptocurrency payments in the country, but enforcing such a move would be extremely difficult. This is according…

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Ethereum Developer Arrested for ‘Teaching North Koreans About Crypto’

A United States Ethereum developer has been arrested for allegedly training North Koreans on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Virgil Griffith…

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According To Analyst Alex Kruger, By Feb 2020, XRP Could Reach $0

Ripple’s XRP could hit $0 by February 2020! This has been the warning from prominent analyst Alex Kruger. This unwelcome…

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Former People’s Bank of China Chairman Outlines Three Use Cases Of Digital Yuan

As we have reported, China is to launch a state-backed cryptocurrency. This is a first in the world but definitely…

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Bitcoin Google Searches Skyrocket Following The Price Plummet

The latest market crash has led to Bitcoin Google searches skyrocketing. More and more people have taken an interest in…

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