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CIA Most Likely to be Satoshi Nakamoto; Why Craig Wright Does not Make a Case

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This question, who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is, has been asked for the last century. However, nobody has been able to prove ownership yet. The only constant thing is that the founder of bitcoin goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto and has close to 1 million bitcoins in his wallet. There are so many people believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto but not even one of them has proved they can access the known wallet. All these people don’t have a reason to keep the wallet private like the  CIA.

Craig Wright

Other than the CIA, Craig Wright is the closest candidate to being satoshi. Craig Wright has a very prolific history in the crypto industry. He is connected to the introduction of one of the major altcoins; Bitcoin SV. According to him, he introduced BSV after bitcoin failed to play the role he intended it to play.

He first claimed to be satoshi in 2017 something that raises the question of why wait so long to claim bitcoin. But, as to the wallet belonging to Satoshi, Craig claims to have given the credentials to the wallet to his lawyer who, misplaced them. He was even in count recently on matters concerning those credentials.


CIA on the other has is one of the most likely candidates to be satoshi. Considering nobody barely know anything evident of satoshi. Not even the few people, known to have played part in developing it. Most likely the CIA silenced them later on. This makes it one of CIA’s ‘classic move’ of the century

Explanation as to how these came onto be is

Bitcoin was created; or at list introduced to the public, in 2009. This is around the same year Barack Obama became president months later. Obama was a democrat, and according to his reputation funding, CIA’s black ops would be an issue. This means, no support financially from the Obamas administration.

However, the CIA has existed for a very long time and shutting operations would not be an option. Consequently, bitcoin was created to fund its current and future projects. They had to make it valuable by selling the concept of bitcoin to the public

The only floss to this theory is the fact that bitcoin is not traceable unless you know who owns the wallet. Knowing the CIA, they wouldn’t create something they can’t trace. Of course, this is unless there is a loophole the public doesn’t know about and the CIA knows of a way to track it.

The content of this article is based on research, hunch and a clearly analyzed data to come into the above conclusions.


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