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Crypto Winners And Losers Of 2019

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The year 2019 has had its ups and downs in the crypto world. For different crypto projects, the year has either been successful or an utter failure. In this post, we look at which projects have seen a successful year and which can only look forward to a better year ahead. We also look at projects that have experienced disasters and which if left unchecked will fall from the face of the earth.

The Winners:


The very first winner of 2019 is the king of the crypto world. Bitcoin. The digital asset as we have reported here n CryptoMute has seen a more than 100% surge in the year that has passed. Since dropping to the $3,000 lows back in 2018, the asset has made a spectacular return to end the year 2019 above $7,200. In addition to this, it has managed to get more than 60% of the market dominance for the best part of the year.


Tezos is another project that has seen a great year. The cryptocurrency has recorded some good numbers over the year and overall climbed to the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. Much of its success has been owed to its endorsement by Coinbase. The U.S based exchange announced some time ago that it will reward users for simply holding Tezos. This initiative supports price stability and overall price appreciation. According to data from Arcane research, the price has grown by more than 50%.

Binance Coin

Created by arguably the world’s biggest exchange Binance exchange, Binance coin has been on a winning streak. With Binance exchange dominance growing, its respective coin has been growing with it. Its year return has been over 50%. As the exchange continues to dominate the market led by CEO Zhao, it is expected that Binance Coin will continue growing. Currently, it sits as the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV, one of the most controversial coins and projects in the market. Well, we are not about to sort that out. For this cryptocurrency, it both appears as a winner and loser. Really because it all depends on how you look at it. On the winning side; The cryptocurrency has grown to become a top ten cryptocurrency in the market. Not only this but it has been a better performer of certain fundamentals like daily transactions than both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash its bigger brothers.

The Losers;


It’s undoubtedly the biggest loser of 2019. The project has looked like it will never come to life over the last few months as regulators continue to fight it. This stems from the fact that the cryptocurrency is being spearheaded by Facebook which does not have a very good reputation handling personal data. The launch of Libra was announced at the start of the year and as the months passed more and more governments and institutions objected to the idea. Going into 2020, it looks like the project is dead even before it has begun.


Ripple’s XRP has also seen a pretty tough 12 months. In its performance, this third largest altcoin has hit a two year low. And despite being third, it is at per with the two ahead. Bitcoin and Ethereum have a market cap of $131,359,361,936 and $14,407,093,770 respectively. XRP, on the other hand, has a market cap of $8,398,695,467. The same lag is also observed in daily volume, while Bitcoin is above $20 billion and Ethereum above $10 billion, XRP is just above $1 billion. Additionally, there has been a backlash between Ripple and the XRP community over the company dumping XRP which has continues to hurt prices over the last two years.

Sh*t Coins

Shit coins have also had a bad year. In the last 12 months, most coins have continued to be pushed out of the face of the earth. This is especially because Bitcoin has taken a big chunk of the crypto market dominance. The rest has been left to the few, good performing and relevant cryptocurrencies in the market. Coins that have lost their relevance like Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, BAT and ZCash have all been in their worst performance and likely to continue suffering if things don’t change in 2020.

Bitcoin SV

And we are back to Bitcoin SV. First, it was a winner and now we look at it as a loser. As I mentioned earlier it all depends on how you look at it. Bitcoin SV was delisted on a number of top exchanges including Binance following a tussle between crypto leaders when Craig Wright pronounced himself as the creator of Bitcoin. Of which until he can show us the proof- his Bitcoin wallet, we remain unconvinced. Arcane Research data further shows that the cryptocurrency has recorded a negative return for 2019.


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