Fri. Mar 13th, 2020

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Is XRP at $0.45 or $0.30? Ripple Giving a Controversial Price.

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The official ripple website has indicated a controversial price for their token XRP. The coin is currently in the 3rd position in the market cap hierarchy. According to the website, valuation 1 XRP is equivalent to $0.45 the moment which is totally inflated from the actual price of $0.30 in the market.

The statement may not only be untrue but also a vital misleading statement by the platform. The reason behind the misrepresented figure is still unclear. Ripple has not yet addressed the issue on any know public platform yet.

The price for the coin has not come any close to the stated price. The value increased by Ripple is over 50% may not just be a bad as the platform could be planning to pump the coin. this, however cold is a way for XRP to notify the public of such a thing.  

What effect does this have?

The misleading information could be a piece of very crucial information to investors with so much interrelation going on in the exchange industry. Earlier today Binance already suspended trading. The is very little to link the two events but more on is not improbable.

Though there is no direct attack by the XRP recently this does not put the right picture for Ripple. On the matter concerning the difference in price, only time will tell.


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