J.K Rowling: I’m Not Interested In Bitcoin, I’m Trolling To Boost Ethereum

In recent days, J.K Rowling has lite up the crypto community on Twitter. Since enquiring about Bitcoin last week, the Harry Potter author has been engaged with the crypto community.

So much that she admits she is worried she will forever be engaged with the community every time she logs on Twitter.

Her latest engagement and interest in Bitcoin has once again been a testament to the growing exposure Bitcoin has and continues to enjoy.

Since her remarks, there has been great talk if she wants to join the community and how this would impact Bitcoin.

If she did, this would be a big win that boosts Bitcoin in terms of adoption. Millions would be more inclined to trust the digital asset if it was endorsed by J.K Rowling.

This has already been proven by the likes of Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Paul Tudor Jones, and others.

But even without J.k Rowling actually buying into Bitcoin, she has already done a great deal. By engaging about Bitcoin on Twitter, she has sent over 14 million of her followers to the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Those who already knew it will want to learn more.

The truly ignorant will also want to learn. This sought of exposure, in the millions, could drive potential buyers to Bitcoin.

Her engagement has further pulled in other prominent individuals both from the crypto community and outside. This includes; CZ Binance, Vitalik Buterin, and Elon Musk.

J.K Rowling “Holds” Ethereum

But it’s not just Bitcoin. Top altcoins such as Ethereum are riding in the wave. In her latest Tweet, J.K Rowling has jokingly stated that she has been trolling Bitcoin to boost her Ethereum holdings.

Her remarks notably come in a day when Ethereum is enjoying gains of up to 6%. This has seen the largest altcoins break above $210 and rally as high as $215. Will this joke further boost it?

This has been a clear indication that Rowling is enjoying engaging and to some extent, toying, with the crypto community. Whether it all surmounts to anything, in the long run, we wait to see.

What is clear for now is that the crypto community won’t hesitate to bring onboard anyone whose prominence boosts Bitcoin’s and by extension crypto, adoption.

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