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LinkedIn Ranks Blockchain Top Desired Skill

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Blockchain, once a buzzword has developed against all odds to become the most sought after hard skill by employers according to LinkedIn “Emerging Jobs” report of 2020. This position was previously held by cloud computing (2019) and Artificial Intelligence (2018).

Shockingly, blockchain did not feature in LinkedIn’s top skills of 2019 which had cloud computing, artificial intelligence, analytical reasoning, people management, and UX design respectively.

The unfolding events in the sector have seen the shared digital ledger technology improve to become the number one sought-after skill by employees in a record one year. The reason behind the growth, according to Deloitte’s 2019 blockchain global survey is that blockchain has expanded beyond fintech to be adopted in other industries such as law, media, telecommunications, gaming, sciences, medicine, and government.

Coincidentally, the LinkedIn report is not the only one that reveals improvements in the blockchain world. In 2018, the blockchain distributed ledger developer was ranked first in Upwork’s list of top 20 fastest-growing job skills.

Indeed Concurs

Another study by Indeed, a job search engine, showed a 26% growth in career openings within the blockchain industry. According to the report, the share of blockchain jobs per million grew by 1,457% in the period between September 2015 and September 2019. In that same period, the share of searches per million grew by only 469%.

Also, just like with LinkedIn, the Indeed study found the reason behind the decline of the interest in the sector as;

“Bitcoin’s volatility seems to correlate with job seeker interest, and the change in the bitcoin price this year might be why job searches have declined.”

Many top companies are offering job positions that require blockchain skills. The demand for lawyers with these skills continues to increase. For example, Facebook is seeking a proactive lawyer to serve as an Associate General Counsel to support its new Libra cryptocurrency. Other companies with opportunities in blockchain include IBM, Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft among others.

The LinkedIn report also shows that blockchain is the most in-demand skill in the US, UK, France, Australia, and Germany.


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