LocalCryptos Vote For The Next Crypto: Dash, EOS or Litecoin?

After several months of successfully trading bitcoin, LocalCryptos is now expanding the peer to peer platform. After the brand name change of the company from localEthereum to LocalCryptos, bitcoin was the first to be introduced as the second crypto on the platform in late 2019.

Furthermore, the company promised its users on bringing in more crypto to the peer to peer exchange. The move will be to have a huge impact on ensuring diversity as a trading platform.

LocalCryptos: Bitcoin Exchange

Though the bitcoin trading has not surpassed the originally traded digital currency, Ethereum, it is doing almost as good. So far, thousands of offers made for the peer to peer BTC- Fiat exchanges continue to improve.

The introduction of bitcoin was a great boost to the platform that the platform welcomed 10,000 new users. Also, there have been over 9500 successful trade from the local currency to bitcoin with a 100% improvement every week.

Localcryptos is already at an international level, covering more than 100 countries and with 100,000+ users. It has become one of the most popular non-custodian bitcoin-fiat exchange platforms.

Next in line: EOS, Dash or Litecoin?

Users have the chance to vote for one of the three shortlisted coins; EOS, Dash or Litecoin. The voting has opened today and will be closed after ten days.

Litecoin which lagged behind BSV about a month ago currently stands at sixth position. At the moment the coin trade volume is at $5,472,904,759 in the last 24hrs.

EOS is not far behind Litecoin. At 8th position, it has a market volume of $4,477,287,734 about $1m short of Litecoin

Among the three, dash has the lowest volumes of $904,795,421 in the last 24hrs at the 16th position. This is more than 6 times less that of Litecoin. the peer-to-peer currency is known for an instant, private and secure payments are one of the three digital currency.

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Author: Simon Njenga

Crypto analyst and Author