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Argentina Nearly Doubles Bitcoin Trading Record in Just A Weeks

Argentina, a once very promising country economically seems to be heading in the long direction. Recently, a very crucial move…

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ADA Is Up 206% in 2020, Is it Late to Buy Cardano?

Cardano has become one of the most sorted coins in recent weeks. This as the coin has continued to post…

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More Active BTC wallets: Analysts Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit Over 10k Mark

Five days later and no notable change yet. At the beginning of the month, popular analyst Timothy Peterson predicted that…

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The Year 2020: Is Tesla The New Bitcoin?

Tesla is now the most valuable carmaker on earth! This despite the company not producing or selling as many cars…

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Tether 144% Growth Makes It The Highest in Capitalization This Year

Almost three months ago, Tether managed to do the unexpected, or at the list in such a small time range….

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About 99% of Crypto Projects are Garbage and Run by Unqualified Idiots

There are thousands of crypto projects in the world. Listed on CoinMarket cap only are 5,000 of them. It is…

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Last Two Times This Happened Bitcoin Crashed 75%

Is Bitcoin in trouble? This indicators have flashed and they historically spell doom.

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XRP Is Hugely Undervalued and Whales are Taking Advantage

Is XRP undervalued? And what have whales been upto that could be setting the coin for a dream bull run?

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Issuer of “new and improved version of bitcoin” Charged by SEC

The SEC continues to crump down on fraudulence around the crypto industry. Since they emerged some fraudsters have used them…

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Barcelona FC Fans Lavish As New Coin Rallies 150%

Barcelona FC tokens are finally being traded. On the first day, they are up by 160%

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