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CIA Most Likely to be Satoshi Nakamoto; Why Craig Wright Does not Make a Case

This question, who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is, has been asked for the last century. However, nobody has been able…

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Bitcoin Trading As High As $15K In Lebanon; 2020 The New 2017?

Demand for Bitcoin in Lebanon is at an all-time high. With limited supply, this is fetching double average prices on…

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Analysts Predict Bitcoin Will Land At $12K To $300K Due To Halving and COVID-19

Two major events are taking place. One is COVID-19 which is already in full swing. The other is just a…

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Data From Top Exchange Shows Over Half Of Users Buying XRP; Big Move Coming?

New data taken from one of the biggest exchanges suggests that investors are hodling XRP. According to the Block data…

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Deposits Of $1,200 Confirm U.S Citizens Using Stimulus To Buy Crypto

Coinbase CEO has just confirmed that there has been a spike in deposits of USD worth $1,200. This suspiciously is…

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$400M Coinmarketcap Aquisition – Binance on a brink of monopoly

After the CEO finance announced two major acquisitions in the near future earlier this month, one is finally happening. At…

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A View of The Cryptocurrency Market In March

The crypto sector has seen one of, if not its busiest month in history. Cryptocurrencies which began nearly a decade…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Fails To Rally To FED’s $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

The White House and Senate have in the last couple of hours agreed on a $2 trillion cash bailout to…

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Bitcoin Drop or Rise? Reason for the Bombshell Opinions from BTC community

The opinion may defer from reality but that does not make it indefinite. bitcoin has been very unpredictable in recent…

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Safe Haven Narrative Will Boost Bitcoin Buying But Job Losses Desists

Bitcoin is set to come out of the current financial crisis as the safe-haven asset to protect investors from inflation….

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