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Bitcoin Drop or Rise? Reason for the Bombshell Opinions from BTC community

The opinion may defer from reality but that does not make it indefinite. bitcoin has been very unpredictable in recent…

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Safe Haven Narrative Will Boost Bitcoin Buying But Job Losses Desists

Bitcoin is set to come out of the current financial crisis as the safe-haven asset to protect investors from inflation….

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Bitcoin (BTC) Above $6K Adds 20%, Analyst Says $7K Coming

The crypto market has in the last few hours been surging. Bitcoin after starting the days moderated has begun pumping…

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Unconfirmed: Binance hacked- 20,000 Bitcoin lost!

Barely less than a month after a major concern on Binance, the hack may now have happened. The largest exchange…

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Throw Away Your Charts, This Is Different Top Analyst Warns Following 50bps Rate Cut

The crypto community has been pumped since the FED announced interest rate cuts. Many analysts expect that this increases Bitcoin’s…

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Flashback: Two Days After The Last 50bps Rate Cut, The Bitcoin Paper Was Published

The FED’s announcement to cut interest rates by 50bps has sent the crypto community into a frenzy. For most Bitcoin…

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Hackers Make More than Casinos; $9.8B Digital Assets Stolen- KPMG

The level of insecurity for in the digital currency is alarmingly high and worsening every time. According to a report…

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Is the FCoin’s $130m Loss a Scam or ‘Data Error’: The Naked truth

Right after the sudden closure of FCoin, AnChain.AI went a notch higher to get to the truth. According to the…

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Irish Drug Dealer Dilemma: $93 Bitcoin Worth lost with Trash

The decentralized aspect of bitcoin has caused an Irish drug dealer over 6000 bitcoins, an equivalent of over NZ$90m (US$59)…

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Binance Exchange Giveaway; Over $1M in Gifts To Users

A few hours ago, Binance has released a statement saying it’s going to gift 50,000 BNB to users. The exchange…

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