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Bitcoin Revisits $11,500 Support As Market Catipulization Begins

Market bulls are losing the battle this weekend. On Saturday, a lot of top coins are revisiting lower supports. in…

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New York Regulators Green-light 10 Coins For Custody and Listing

As the crypto bullish hearts begin to beat, regulators have just completed a fast-tracked process that has seen authorities green…

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Why Bitcoin Is Back Above $10K and $6K Will Never Be

Bitcoin is back above $10K. This historic position has been a determinant of investors’ view, bearish, or bullish. Below this…

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In The Wake of an Economic Crises, Tax Havens are Under Threat, Can Bitcoin Fix This?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of critical economic norms have come into a review. From how…

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Argentina Nearly Doubles Bitcoin Trading Record in Just A Weeks

Argentina, a once very promising country economically seems to be heading in the long direction. Recently, a very crucial move…

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The Year 2020: Is Tesla The New Bitcoin?

Tesla is now the most valuable carmaker on earth! This despite the company not producing or selling as many cars…

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About 99% of Crypto Projects are Garbage and Run by Unqualified Idiots

There are thousands of crypto projects in the world. Listed on CoinMarket cap only are 5,000 of them. It is…

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Last Two Times This Happened Bitcoin Crashed 75%

Is Bitcoin in trouble? This indicators have flashed and they historically spell doom.

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Issuer of “new and improved version of bitcoin” Charged by SEC

The SEC continues to crump down on fraudulence around the crypto industry. Since they emerged some fraudsters have used them…

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Investor Jitters Pushing Bitcoin To $8.8K Support, Why Sell By Friday?

Bitcoin is set to dip below $9K, what has triggered the latest investor sell-off?

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