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Ethereum Above $400; Stopping at Nothing To Reach $500

Ethereum has not set a new 2-year high. In the early hours of Sunday, the largest altcoin has rallied more…

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Why Bitcoin Is Back Above $10K and $6K Will Never Be

Bitcoin is back above $10K. This historic position has been a determinant of investors’ view, bearish, or bullish. Below this…

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This Whale and Another 1.5M investor Threaten BTC Short-term Outlook

Bitcoin investors are optimistic about the coming weeks especially with the halving now just two weeks away. However, prior to…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Major Test After Failing To Reach $8K

Investors are concerned about the show of hesitant by Bitcoin (BTC) in the last couple of days. A pullback has…

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Chart Shows Bitcoin Has Entered Whale Manipulation Zone As Mark Cuban Reveals Holding BTC

Whales are regarded to be the movers and shakers of the market. This mostly through whale manipulation. Over the years,…

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Data From Top Exchange Shows Over Half Of Users Buying XRP; Big Move Coming?

New data taken from one of the biggest exchanges suggests that investors are hodling XRP. According to the Block data…

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New Study Shows That A Third Of U.S SMEs Accept Crypto Payments

A new survey commissioned by American insurer Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) has shown that new businesses are pro-crypto. The study…

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Crypto Analyst Predicts That XRP Will Reach $28 But Investors To Wait Until 2020

The year 2019 has not been a particularly easy year for Ripple’s XRP. Although the third largest altcoin by market…

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Despite Bitcoin’s Gloomy End Of Year, BTC Up By 110% Since Last Christmas

Bitcoin (BTC) was nearly declared dead during the last Christmas. But like many other times before this, the digital asset…

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Coinbase And A Few Exchanges’ 1.9 Million BTC In Wallets A Disaster Waiting To Happen

BTC in exchanges a disaster waiting to happen.

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