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PlusToken Scammers Move $187M Worth ETH, Readying To Dump?

In the last hour, PlusToken wallets have moved Ethereum worth nearly $200 million ETH to unknown wallets. This has hit…

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Compound Token Lights The Weekend With Over 70% Gains, Why?

Compound has pulled out an outstanding performance since its launch. Why are investors backing it?

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China Report: Tron Ranked Higher Than Bitcoin and Ethereum

China has once again voted Tron as a better project than Bitcoin and Ethereum. I fact according to the ranking…

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J.K Rowling: I’m Not Interested In Bitcoin, I’m Trolling To Boost Ethereum

In recent days, J.K Rowling has lite up the crypto community on Twitter. Since enquiring about Bitcoin last week, the…

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Adoption: Reddit Cryptocurrency Launch And Why Its A Big Win For Ethereum

After months of being rumored to be working on an in-house token, the secret is finally out. Reddit has finally…

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The UK Seeks Software To Track Major Cryptocurrencies’ Transactions And Offers £100K Reward

The UK through its non-ministerial department HMRC has opened a contract seeking software that identifies cryptocurrency transactions. In particular, the…

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Ethereum Community Worried After ETH Worth $105 Million Is Moved From PlusToken’s Wallet

Earlier this week, many were caught by surprise upon realizing that the PlusToken crypto-Ponzi scheme is still in operation. More…

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Crypto Market Wipes Out $10Billion As Bitcoin Tumbles Below $7K, Trouble Starts At $6K

Though the market has had a pretty good year until now, things are starting to look bad. Though as we…

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China Releases Year-End Crypto Rankings, EOS, Ethereum, And Tron Score Podium Finishes

China, through the Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), has released its latest crypto rankings report. This becomes the…

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Ethereum Developer Connected with North Korea Released

An Ethereum developer who was arrested recently has been released by U.S authorities. Virgil Griffith was arrested for his participation…

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